Connecting the Arduino to the Turbine

I am using an Arudino ATmega2560 to connect all the sensors to and send data to the software on Page 8. This is a relatively depandable though should not be relied upon in any way to shut down a turbine in an emergency situation. I will be using it as the secondary brake in conjuction with the furling design of the turbine.

The current setup i have is an Arduino with an MPU-6050 Accelerometer, Freetronics Hall sensor and a DHT11 tempurature and humidity sensor.
Arduino MEGA 2560 R3

The MPU-6050 accelorometer allows me to information from the turbine such as vibration, angle and temperature. This accelerometer so far has been fairly unreliable (Sometimes giving random data spikes), so i will be searching for alternatives to the MPU-6050. Most likely a more expensive accelerometer.


GY-521 MPU-6050

I will be using the Freetronics Hall sensor to get RPM information from the turbine and then send that to the generator info software. Both the Arduino and the Generator Info software will be checking the data to make sure that the turbine is not spinning to fast. By doing this it will eliminate any worries about computers going down or connection issues between the computer and Arduino.

Hall Sensor Module

The DHT11 temperature and humidity sensors will be placed on different parts of the turbine to ensure that there are no heat issues or friction where there shouldn't be. I may look at getting more expensive sensors in the future however these will be OK for the moment.


DHT11 Digital Humidity Temperature Sensor

As mentioned previously, All this data will be logged to a local SQL database that can be reviewed as needed.