Controlling the Turbine With Software

Recently i have been working on some software to control the turbine. This software will hopefully be able to take inputs such as maxmimum spin speeds, temperatures and voltages, then monitor the the values and apply the electric brakes if required. This is still a year off atleast. This software will be able to monitor any turbine via an Arduino board and a few sensors. Total cost of the arduino and sensors would be under $150 for the basic setup (requires a windows pc/laptop also).

- Easy to view speeds and current status lights.
- Reset button to unlock the turbine.
- Average weekly speed, temperature, voltage, ect. logs.

UPDATE - 24/8/14
- Added Graph and History tabs
- All data logged to a local SQL Database.
- Data averages logged every minute. Measurements taken twice a second.

Coming Soon
- Emergency shutdown of turbine via Arduino and relays.
- Config File to save settings.
- Auto startup of turbine after X time when turbine has shutdown due to overspeed.
- Improved active graphs.


Ability to set custom values to suit any turbine. If your turbine can only spin at 350 RPM, you can set 350 RPM max speed and have the Arduino shut down the turbine via a relay when it goes above this. Turbine reset button allows you to reset the current turbine status back to OK and start making power again.


Active graph with the last 250 minutes of data (Will change to customizable amount of time).