Decogging the Fisher & Paykel Turbine

Had a few issues with the start speeds of the turbine, took a very strong wind to make it spin. Took it all apart again, had a look into decogging it. So another few hours later and more hard work with a file, the turbine was decogged.

Decoggind the turbine made a huge difference to the start speeds as well as the running speed. Would probably look at a dremel tool or something if i was to do it again. Took far too long with just a file and a stanley knife. I started by taking as much of the plastic off as i could with the stanley knife (being careful not to ruin the stanley knife of the metal at the same time) and then filing both sides of each peg down. It didnt need to have too much taken off to make a big impact, just rounding them off made enough difference to get the turbine spinning in low winds.

Once Decogged, i managed to get 30v out of it at an average spin speed (As fast as i was willing to let it go without brakes or the 22mm steel rod inserts for the one inch pipe).

When decogging the stator, be very careful not to damage the copper windings, if you damage one of these theres no going back.


Once i had decogged the Stator i gave the whole thing a coat of clear lacquer. I just used whatever i had laying around, which happened to be some 3M auto clear coat. This should keep any rust away. I also found that it helped protect the copper windings as they were not able to move around anymore. By doing this, the weather will not be able to rust away anything and give the electricals a bit more resistance to rain and water.