Mounting the Wind Turbine

Testing the one inch pipe in the hub. Using high tensile bolts to hold it together. Couple of spacers in the center of hub as the center shaft sticks out a bit. Finding the 1" outside diameter steel pip was a bit of a challenge surprisingly, four different steel suppliers and a welding mate were unable to get hold of it. Last ditch effort was ebay.


Put it all together, roughly two metres accross. Getting the one inch pipe into the blades was a bit of a struggle. Few hours later and a lot of hard work, they were in. Still need to rivet the blades in place and get some 22mm x 300mm steel rod to go inside the one inch pipe between the hub and the blades to add some strength.

Extruded Aluminium Blades - $48.50 AU + GST / meter


Took it all outside ready to catch some wind and make some power.


Painted the mount and hub, then put the blades on. Looking good so far! I had to modify the end caps that were supplied with the wind turbine as they were slightly too small, as you can see on the bottom of the left hand side blade on the image below. I had to cut the end off slightly to allow it to fit.