Mounting the Wind Turbine

Recieved the hub to mount the blades today. Aluminium block that has been milled to take six, one inch outside diameter steel round pipe. Please see the below diagrams for mounting the turbine.

6 Blade Milled Aluminium Hub - $255 + Postage from Australia (3 Blade also available for $200)


A few days later the main mount arrived. Fits the standard stainless steel motor shaft from the fisher and paykel washing machine. Had some old grey paint laying around, so gave it a coat.

This mount requires a Yaesu Thrust Bearing GS-050 to mount on top of. So far having a hard time sourcing it however i believe using two bearings similar to the one in the below photo will work fine.

Fisher & Paykel Furling Mount - $69 US + Postage from the US


Chucked the mount together to see how it all fits. Also made up a mount of some old wood that was laying around.


Only a temporary mount to make it easy to work on.

Crap Wooden Mount - $Free