Wiring up the Fisher and Paykel Motor


Rectifing smart drive generator

What Does A Rectifier Do?

Basically it turns AC into DC current. In this case we are using a Bridge Rectifier to turn 3 phase power into DC power. We do this so that we are able to charge batteries with a very smooth power output from the wind generator.

How Does a Bridge Rectifier Work?

A bridge rectifier works by using diodes to only let the flow of electricity go in one direction.

You can buy these 3 phase rectifiers for you smart drive generator straight from Ebay. Usually these are fairly cheap, below are 2 that i have purchase to test with.

As you can see on the top of the rectifier there are 3 pins, these are for the 3 phase wires that come from the smart drive generator. On the bottom are the DC positive and DC negative, indicated by the red and black plastic tabs on the side.

SQL 100A Amp 1000V 3 Phase Diode Metal Case Bridge Rectifier

i also purchased a slightly higher capacity rectifier for the smart drive generator. This one has far better cooling and is able to handle a 150 Amp spike. The design of this rectifier means that one side of the body of the rectifier is positive and the other side of the rectifier is negative. I have chosen not to use this rectifier on my smart drive generator for the moment as i have not yet got a full generator mount and as the body of the rectifier is live it could possibly be dangerous. I will be using this rectifier later on as it has a higher capacity.

3 Phase slip ring to go on wind turbine. Turbine will be able to turn around in the wind infinitely without cables getting caught up.

100A Slip Ring Set - $68 AU