3D Printer - Sketchup

The UP! Mini 3D printer is now capable of doing some pretty good prints!

I am looking at selling these for $100 each + Postage (excluding servos and all other electronics) as a do it yourself kit.

If you are interested please Click Here and let me know by filling out the form.

New Legs on bottom, Old legs on top
Up! Mini 3D Printed Robot

The above print was all designed in Sketchup using a some verniers.

Body - 4 Legs (6 leg version to come)
RippleEphex Robot Body

First Arm Peice
RippleEphex Robot Arm 1

Fits together similar to lego
RippleEphex Robot Arm 1

Second part of the arm with clips for 9g Servo

RippleEphex Robot Arm 2

RippleEphex Robot Arm 2

Leg Rail

RippleEphex Robot Leg 1

Foot - Bottom rounded to go over carpet

RippleEphex Robot Foot 1