3D Printer - UP! Mini

I bought a second hand UP! Mini 3d printer for $500. Missing a door but a peice of cardboard works just as well.
UP! Mini Fully Assembled 3D Printer

I plan to use this to create a weatherproof case for the arduino that will control the wind turbine. To start i went onto Thingiverse.com and downloaded a few things to test print - Mainly upgrades for the printer itself.

Print Head Cap - Keeps the electricals covered
Up! Mini Print Head Cap

Filement Spool Holder - Holds Larger Filament Spools
Up! Mini Filament Spool Holder

Verbatim 3D Printer ABS Filament - Green - 55004

There were a few small issues to begin with, such as warping and lifting of the prints. When i bought this one second hand it was missing the front door, much of the lifting was fixed by putting some cardboard over the front opening. However there was still a small amount of lifting causing long prints to lift at both ends.

Lifted about 2mm and either end on a 115mm wide print.
Up! Mini 3D Print Warping

I had a look at what other people had done and found that they were having the same issue and that this could be fixed by a simple modification. The modification was to replace the current heated bed thermostat from the standard 60 degree celcius to a 80 degree one from Here


The thermostat is located underneath the print bed.

Do this at your own risk!

- Remove the perforated board
- Undo the two screws in the middle of the heated bed
- Undo the ribbon cable at the back of the print bed - can be a bit tricky, be careful. Remember to move the print bed for better access.
- Remove the bed
- Unsolder the two pins of the thermostat (pictured above)
- Unsolder the metal tab
- Carefully remove old thermostat
- Cut two pins on new thermostat to length
- Solder two new thermostat pins to heated bed
- Solder new thermostat metal tab where old one was located - may take a fair bit of solder (get this right, otherwise the printer wont know how hot the bed is and may get too hot)
- Once cooled down, place heated bed back into printer, plug in cable and do up the screws

In the UP! software, click on the 3D Print tab, then click on Pre-Heat Print Bed. Leave it for 15 minutes and make sure nothing gets too hot.

Keep an eye on the 3D printer for the next few prints to make sure nothing gets too hot. Currently the print bed on my UP! Mini feels slightly too hot to touch. Test with a thermometre if you have one.

All up this mod took around 30 minutes to unplug and remove the heated printing bed, unsolder the old thermostat and solder the new one on.

I am now getting some pretty good prints from the UP! Mini.