How To: Make a wind generator from a washing machine motor


How to make a wind generator out of a smart drive motor from a Fisher and Paykel washing machine using the star pattern wiring.
Because we run servers and many computers, i decided that we needed a clean green power source. The advantage of wind power is that it will not run out, meaning that our servers will always stay on. After doing some research i found out that many people are choosing to use Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive Motors as generators and a few are even selling parts to do this. I have chosen to go down this path because the Smart Drive Generator seems to be the best value for money.

I will be trying to do this for under $1000AUD. This will include everything needed to get electricity from the wind into a computer, as well as tools and small parts.

The Boring Stuff!
Before you start, please note i take no responsibility for any damages that may be caused by the use of the information i am providing. Do be very careful when doing anything with electricity! The levels we are dealing with here are enough to cause serious harm. Never have the rotor on the stator (magents on the coils) unless you are 100% sure that all cables are wired up correctly and will not do anything dangerous.
Even spinning the generator by hand is enough to cause harm!

Finding a Smart Drive Motor
First off you will want to Find a Smart Drive Motor from either a Fisher & Paykel or Whirlpool Washing machine.
there are a few types of smart drive motors, be careful not to buy an aluminium coil motor (aluminium coil smart drive motors will have a darker shade of coil and have a AL stamp on the plastic)
Go onto Ebay and search for "Smart Drive", Ideally you are looking for a smart drive motor with 6mm windings and 42 Coils. Which magnet rotor part you get is not so important as even though they look different they are essentially the same, even with having more or less magnets.

I found a Fisher and Paykel Smart Drive Motor on Ebay for $32 with $30 postage.