Costeroo - 3D Print Cost Manager

If you are starting a 3D printing business or already successfully selling prints. You will benifit from using Costeroo to keep track of costs, spools, prints, quotes, tax and more.

Costeroo will keep historical data for your prints which is handy for looking at overall profits, providing quotes to customers and comparing print costs.

Costeroo will also keep track of your spool usage. Simply put an ID number on your new spool and enter the details to the Spool Tab in Costeroo. At the time of print, highlight the spool you will be printing with in the spool tab and Costeroo will calculate the costs of your print based on the spool details you entered when you purchased the spool.

3D Print Manager Costeroo

Free Version
Download Here

Download Here

Full Version (Single PC Install)
Email Address to Register To :
(Serial Key will be sent to this address)

- Support for Dual Head 3D Printers
- Not Limited to 10 Print Data Items
- Store Print Files Against Print Data Items

Note: Purchases can take 3 business days to process. All updates to version 1.X.X if purchased will be free and available for download. The free version of the software will limit you to 10 items in the data storage. You can simply remove old print jobs to coninue using the software for free. Future updates and upgrades may not be included within the free version of the software.